Smart Thermostat

Product Description

The intelligently integrated Smart Thermostat allows you to take control of your energy use and automate temperature settings — offering a new level of comfort.

  • Access and control the comforts of home right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer — no matter where you are.
  • Create custom schedules that automate your thermostat to adjust itself around your lifestyle.
  • Receive text or email alerts to know instantly when your thermostat reaches your preset limits.
  • Use Geo-Services to have your thermostat automatically adjust itself to save energy while you’re out. Sleek, Sophisticated Design Installation is easy with a sleek design that looks good on any wall.

Your security system through Halo Professionals is designed and built to provide a single integrated solution. Having all of your mission critical services working together in your home, like your security system and thermostat, makes them more efficient. Connect all of your key systems with one totally personalized solution and start getting more from your home.


    $ 150.00