2Gig Go!Control Wireless Control Panel 4-1-0 Kit (GCKIT410)

Product Description

Get your home security system started with a 2Gig Go!Control Wireless Control Panel 4-1-0 Kit.

The Go!Control Panel can be used as a central station, or hub, for users wishing to grow their security system and home automation network by adding in additional 2GIG and/or Z-Wave enabled products. This system is compatible with remote management and monitoring through a web-enabled Smartphone, tablet or computer, though an additional service plan is required.


  • [1] 2GIG-CP21-345E GC2 Panel (English)
  • [4] Door/window contacts (2GIG-DW10)
  • [1] Passive infrared motion detector

Comparison between 3-1-1 Kit:

3-1-1 Kit includes [1] key ring but [3] door/window contacts

$ 527.90