Your Home Connection


Vacation Peace of Mind

New Notification > No-Show Alert
Are you going away on vacation and worried about leaving your pets at home? Halo Professionals Llc can take your worries away! Just set up No-Show alerts for your pet-sitter and get notified if he or she doesn't show up when expected.

Window of Opportunity

New Notifications > Sensor Left Open

As the weather gets warmer, it’s easy to forget about an open window. Add contact sensors to your windows and set up Sensor Left Open alerts to get notified if any are left open at night or when no one is home. Plus, reduce energy waste by creating a Sensor Left Open Energy Saver  rule that sets back your thermostat whenever a window or door is open. Contact Halo Professionals Llc if you need to add more sensors to your system.

Know Who's Knocking

New Notifications > No Show Alert

Summer is prime time for door-to-door sales and security scams. Please be aware of false security representatives — don’t open your door to someone who doesn’t have an appointment, and check all the details before signing a new contract for any home service. Halo Professionals Llc wants to assure you that we are still your security provider: We are dedicated to protecting your home and everyone in it, and we will never show up without an appointment.