About Halo Professionals

With almost 10 years serving the greater Houston area with commercial and residential security, fire security, and home automation, we are confident at Halo Professionals that we can provide you with the greatest protection and customer service. 

Whether your home is nestled in suburban communities like Cross Creek Ranch, Weston Lakes, Cinco Ranch, Firethorne, Memorial, or conveniently located inside the 610 Loop in Bellaire, River Oaks, or another location near the Galleria or Uptown area, we battle daily against a crisis of break-ins. In Fact, Houston is currently ranked #1 in home break-ins in the U.S. Most of us are hard-working Americans leading hectic lifestyles that keep our schedules busy and on the go, trying to juggle work, personal, and family activities. We want to simplify your busy lives and give you a security system that works for you. 

The most effective, modern way to overcome the crisis of break-ins and protect yourself from being a statistic is to automate your home and business, family and employees, and all of your possessions by implementing modern convenient, hassle-free, innovative, and interactive technologies that allow you to be at home or work even when you are away. In the greater Houston area, most break-ins occur between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm when thieves think we are gone. 

The quicker we can:

  • Alert you of someone trespassing
  • Prevent someone from breaking-in
  • Notify you of attempts preemptively
  • Dispatch the authorities
  • Service your system & Upgrade your system with innovative technologies

The faster we can:

  • Secure the safety of your belongings and personnel
  • Attempt to recover stolen items
  • Increase chances of catching criminals
  • Decrease false alarms and subsequent fines
  • Give you peace of mind and surety that you will be protected best when under attack

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